Summer Camp 2015

Shalom to all our Summer Camp 2015 friends

We had an expectation for Summer Camp 2015. We knew that God would come and work His heart, His plan, His purpose. But we were completely unprepared for just how special and how life changing our week together would be. God went over and above that which we trusted Him for. He exceeded our expectations in a way that only He can. And we give Him all the glory for that.

As we look back over a week of close fellowship, intimate worship, anointed teaching and fun, we still find it hard to put Summer Camp 2015 into words. But we will try nevertheless.

One of our team members remarked that the week spent with all of you allowed him to see a glimpse of the Bride of Yeshua. That glimpse is not something that comes from a doctrine or a religion. It can’t be forced or learnt. It is displayed in the details of your everyday lives, how you care for one another and go out of your way to meet each other’s needs. It has been a blessing to see and something that we will take with us.

We have seen a group of friends, acquaintances and virtual strangers drawn together by a common thread. It was this thread that lead to a deeper sense of closeness and intimacy as the week wore on. The worship deepened. People were released from baggage they’ve carried with them for years. The sense of release and freedom increased. People received prophetic word for their future, words that Nanelle put on canvas to remind and give hope in the future. God even blessed us with sunshine after the rain when visiting Rutli.

We would like to thank each and every one for blessing us in your own unique way during this week. What an honor it has been not only to share our lives with you but also that you have shared your lives with us.

We would like to stay in touch and continue with the fellowship of this week. If you would like to share your experiences of Summer Camp 2015 or give us your testimony, please write to us at

Many blessings

Gerrit & Martie Nel