The Hebrew People team in 2008, established a worship house, called "Beit Tehilliah", in a former rectory in Seelisberg. From the outset it was part of the vision to hold an annual conference for the Nations in Seelisberg. In the conference we want the concept of the Hebrew understanding of the Bible, which was formulated during the Conference of Seelisberg 1947 in the prophetic destiny that wishes to carry out in our time of the Father in heaven now, also contribute.

But we had to wait for the right time and in the beginning of 2011, a friend suggested from Germany before that we should hold a "summer camp" for Europe during the summer holidays in Europe. After we had prayed about it, we felt in our hearts that the time had come for the birth of the vision. Ans we started in 2012 our first Seminar.

This year 2018, the summer camp will be held from 4 to 11 August 2018 in Seelisberg . Team up with us for an unforgettable and life-changing experience in which we continue to seek the prophetic determination, which would reach the Heavenly Father through His people that gathered in Seelisberg . Team up with us while we are writing another chapter in the history of Seelisberg , Switzerland and Europe .